Don’t Say “Yes” Immediately

Looking for a job is hard work.  It takes a lot of time.  Between informational interviews, networking events, resume updates, customized cover letter and then multiple rounds of interviews, you have invested a significant amount of time and energy.  It is understandable that the excitement peaks when the call comes with an offer.

It is great to be excited but do not accept immediately.  Thank the caller for the offer.  Let them know you are very interested (if you are) and ask for at least 24 hours to review the details.  This is a significant next step in your career and you want to make an informed decision.

First of all, accepting immediately eliminates any option of negotiation.  You may or may not want to negotiate but review all the details before rushing to yes.  Once you close that door, you can’t open it again.  Use the time to identify any outstanding questions and be sure to get answers before you accept the offer.  If you need time off for an upcoming family wedding or some other pre-planned event, this is the time to get that on the table.

Be sure to follow-up within the time you agreed upon with the recruiter.  Hiring managers will respect the fact that you are taking this seriously and are making an informed decision.


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