Maximize Your Summer Break After Junior Year


  • Networking – This is the summer to really step up your networking.  Try to do at least two networking informational interviews each week.  Identify a relevant professional association and join as a student member.  Attend their summer meetings.  Connect with your contacts on Linked In.  Always say thank you for their advice and their time and keep them posted.  Build on the networking from your first two years.
  • Gain Relevant Experience – This is the year to work in your field whether as a paid intern or a volunteer.  Gaining relevant experience this summer will make a big difference in your full-time job search.  Work with your career center and utilize your network to identify an appropriate opportunity.  Keep your entire network posted on your progress so you can utilize them in your full-time job search.
  • Prepare Your Tools – During your senior year you will be searching for your full-time position post-graduation.  Get a head start on the process.  Update and edit your resume and ask several people to review it for you to ensure that it is flawless.  Practice writing cover letters to jobs in your field and ask for feedback to improve them.  Practice interviewing with a friend, colleague, family member or your career center.  Ask for feedback.  Anticipate frequently asked questions and consider your answers in advance.  Practice researching companies of interest to identify questions you can ask in your interview.  The more preparation you do now the easier the process will be.
  • Develop a Plan – Build a list of target companies you are most interested in working for.  Research to identify alumni and other connections at those companies.  Prepare to maintain your networking even while you are back in school but get a good start during the summer.  Start reviewing job postings at your target companies to get a feel for the types of positions they post for entry level.  It is too early to apply but it gives you a better sense of what to watch for in the months ahead.  Commit to attending on campus career fairs, company recruiting events, etc. when you are back in school.  Manage your time wisely so you don’t miss these valuable opportunities.

Having your eye on the end goal throughout your four years in school increasing the likelihood of employment at graduation but it also helps you focus on the best opportunities for you.


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