Preparation for Your Performance Review

Prior to your next performance review, do a self-assessment of your performance to ensure that you are not undermining your own performance.  While you may think you are doing a great job, you may be doing little things that do not set well with your manager or your co-workers.  Better to identify those issues yourself and address them prior to review time.

Lack of Punctuality

You may think it is only a few minutes here or there but your manager notices if you can’t get to work on time most days or if you are consistently late for meetings or calls.  Everyone has an occasional commuting challenge but if you are habitually late it is noted by all around you.  Being late gives the impression that you are not taking the work seriously.  Are those few minutes worth the hit to your professional reputation?  Strive to be a few minutes early in the year ahead.

Missing Appointments

If you book a meeting and then don’t show up, your professionalism is in question.  After the first incident, there will likely be little tolerance for repeat offenses.  It is insulting to not respect the time of others.  Use your online calendar for all your appointments and check it regularly.

Failure to Ask Questions

Do not waste valuable time solving the wrong problem or doing the wrong work because you were afraid to ask a question.  Be sure you completely understand what is being requested.  If you don’t know how to do something ask.  But, be sure to take notes so you don’t have to ask the same questions again.  Asking questions is a good thing as long as you learn from each one.

Careless Errors

We are all human and can make mistakes but if your work consistently contains careless errors your manager will have little trust in the work you do.  Always double check your work before submitting it.  Take notes when the project is given to you so you do not forget critical details.  Pay attention to what is requested and submit timely and accurate work.  Doing it quickly has little value if it is not correct.

Texting or Checking Email

While we all must text and check email during the work day, it is considered rude to do it when you are having a face-to-face meeting with someone.  This behavior signals that you do not find the person valuable.  Be very mindful of the messages your behavior sends to others, particularly your superiors.

Overpromising and Underdelivering

You do not earn points with your manager for promising something you are not able to deliver.  Set realistic expectations and deliver results that are on time if not early and of course accurate.  Be sure you fully understand what is being requested and what the deliverable needs to look like.

If you find yourself guilty of any of these offenses on a regular basis, make it a priority to address them prior to your performance review.




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