Mentor Relationships Matter

For most business professionals, there has been a significant mentor relationship that helped shape their careers.  Having a trusted advisor makes a difference when evaluating career options and next steps.  At the D’Amore-McKim Graduate School of Business, we strongly believe in the power of a mentor relationship and proactively identify mentors for our MBA students.

Mentors are often alumni or trusted business partners.  We match students to mentors based on industry, functional area and overall fit.  Mentors meet with their students at least an hour per month to answer questions and share advice and experience.  Some mentors have invited students to shadow them at work for a day. Other mentors have taken students to an appropriate professional association meeting.  Mentors demonstrate their confidence in our students by introducing the students to their personal network.

While the official relationship continues until graduation, many mentors and students are still in touch years later due to the strength of the bond they built while in the program.  Mentors enjoy giving the students the benefit of their experience and students value the insight and advice from a trusted, impartial resource.

We truly appreciate the support of our mentors.  They truly make a difference for our students.


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