Eliminate These Phrases for Success on the Job

While one expects that all employees want to be successful in the jobs, with negative thinking, they often act as their own worst enemies and sabotage their own success.  Some key thinking patterns that can derail a career include:

 “It’s Not My Job” – Employees who stick to the limits of their job description often find themselves stuck in that job.  Those who are willing and eager to take on an additional assignment, special project or help out a colleague who is in a bind are often rewarded for their efforts.  Managers may be testing capabilities for a new role or assessing talent on the team.  It is far better to be seen as the “go to” person when something needs to be done.  Become the person they turn to when something really needs to be done well.

“Just let me do my job” – those who want to hide behind their computers and not interact with others also don’t typically advance.  Share your ideas with others and learn from those around you.  Sometimes the best ideas come from collaboration and working in teams is more critical than ever to employers.  Be the person everyone wants to have on their team.  Demonstrate the value you bring to a team.  You spend every workday with the same people, try to enjoy their company and respect them as individuals.

“I don’t get paid to do that” – Often the reward for the performance comes after the fact.  Invest the time and effort in learning something new or stepping outside your comfort zone.  Often the reward (which could be a raise or even a promotion) comes after they have seen what you are capable of doing when given increased responsibility.

 “I’ll never be good enough so why try?” – Careers don’t advance from entry level to corner office directly.  Take incremental steps in your career. Always look for a new project, a training class or other learning opportunity so you continue to grow your skills and add value to the organization.  Strive to become more valuable every year.  Invest time and energy in your own career.  Negative thinking will never lead to success.

Help yourself succeed by eliminating the negative self-talk.  Seek the opportunities to differentiate yourself and succeed in your career.




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