Recipe for a Successful Job Search

1 Resume with no errors

1 Customized cover letter for each position

1 Target List of at least top 20 companies

1 LinkedIn profile

3 cups of networking

2 cups of informational interviews

1 cup research

1 tbsp each of patience and persistence

Dash of confidence – do not over season

Dash of humility


Prepare resume, target list and LinkedIn profile first and review carefully.

Conduct research, networking and informational interviews to support your target list.

When you identify an appropriate opportunity prepare a customized cover letter.

Leverage networking connections with each application.

Be patient and persistent with the process.

Be confident but not cocky.

A dash of humility goes a long way.  Be someone they want to work with.

Incorporate all ingredients and follow your defined plan to ensure success.


Bake – 3 – 6 months checking frequently



  • Ensure that your resume has no typos or grammatical errors.
  • Focus on key accomplishments and quantify accomplishments where possible.
  • Feature key competencies
  • Start with a strong summary not an objective
  • Use critical key words relevant for the position you seek

Cover Letter

  • Must be customized for each position
  • Focus on transferrable skills
  • Detail how you meet their specific requirements for the job
  • No typos or grammatical errors, it also serves as an example of your business writing

Target List

  • Create a plan to guide your efforts
  • Create and prioritize a list of the companies you where you are most interested in working
  • Identify the types of opportunities you are seeking in those companies

LinkedIn Profile

  • Update your profile to accurately reflect your experience and skills
  • Use key words to help employers find you for appropriate positions


  • Identify contacts at your target companies
  • Leverage alumni groups, former employee groups, affinity groups

Informational Interviews

  • Conduct informational interviews with contacts at your target companies
  • Learn about company culture, hiring process, key competencies for the roles you aspire to
  • Build a network of supporters within your target organizations


  • Go beyond the job posting boards
  • Watch postings at your target companies
  • Review the company websites
  • Prepare questions to ask your interviewers

Patience and Persistence

  • It takes time for you to find the best opportunity for you
  • Companies are on their own schedules not years
  • It will likely take longer than you think
  • Keep up your energy and maintain your focus


  • You are selling yourself so demonstrate confidence
  • Be careful not to cross the line to cocky


  • Be honest about what you can and can’t do
  • Show your interests and passions
  • Be someone they will want on their team

Throughout the process continue to update your list based on what you are learning from your informational interviews.  Be patient and focused and you will be successful.


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