Prepare for Your Starring Role in a Video Interview

With many HR departments leveraging technology to support the hiring process, it is likely that job seekers will encounter a video, Skype of other electronic interview during their job searches.   What can you do to ensure that you have a starring role in your electronic interview?

Dress the Part

It is still an interview.  Full business attire is expected and shows that you are taking this seriously.  Put your best foot forward.  You want to appear as the successful business professional you aspire to be.  Suit, crisp clean plain shirt and a coordinating tie for the men and a suit with a blouse for the ladies.  Avoid any jewelry that could be distracting or noisy during your interview.  If you can’t see yourself on the screen, place a small mirror nearby to ensure that you remember to smile while you are answering their questions.

Know Your Lines

If you were appears on stage you’d rehearse your lines.  You need do to the same for an interview.  Think about the key points you want them to remember about you.  Anticipate key questions and prepare your responses.  Have examples prepared that you can share in response to behavioral questions.  You do not want to memorize your answers but you want to be prepared enough that you can adapt on the fly.  While it is ok to have notes and a copy of your resume, do not read from them.

Test the Technology

Prior to the interview, test the technology on your end.  Ensue that the appropriate accounts are set up in advance and that you know how to use the applicable technology.

Consider the Scenery

If you will be interviewing at your desk, be sure to clean it in advance.  Eliminate anything that could be distracting.  If you are taking the call from home, think about what the interviewer will see in the background.  While your pets may be great moral support, close them out of the room so they will not be a distraction.

Be Well Prepared

Ensure that you prepare thoroughly.  Review the company website and the job posting.  Review your networking notes.  Do whatever research is needed to be well prepared and to have insightful questions prepared to ask your interviewer.

Curtain Call

Remember to thank your interviewer and demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm as you wrap up the interview.  You should still send a thank you note to the interviewer.


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