Practice makes the difference in interviews

Practice Makes the Difference in Interviews

While it is important to do your research on the company as you prepare for your interviews, it is also critical that you prepare yourself.  There is nothing like practice sitting across the desk from someone you have never met before, answering their questions and selling yourself for the job to truly prepare you for success in your interviews.

At the D’Amore-McKim Graduate Career Center, we utilize mock interviews to give students this valuable live experience and feedback.  Students arrive in the Career Center at the appointed time in their business suits and are called into the interview room by one of our guest mock interviewers.  We utilize experienced business professionals to conduct our mock interviews so students experience the wide range of interview styles while gaining experience in selling themselves to a stranger.  An interview with a staff member would just not be the same since we see them every day.  We truly appreciate the support of our mock interviewers and the students benefit significantly from their feedback.

Mock interviewers ask a series of informational and behavioral questions to assess the students’ readiness for success in their interviews.  Our guest interviewers provide feedback to the students to help them improve their interviews.  We also record the sessions so students can view their interview and the feedback to help them address specific issues identified for improvement.

We also utilize guest interviewers to conduct telephone mock interviews with students as well.  While students initially consider phone interviews much easier, they quickly realize how much of communication is not verbal.  Without seeing the interviewers’ body language and facial expressions, it is much harder to gauge how they are reacting to your responses.  Again, the interviewers provide valuable feedback to the students.

With the benefit of in-person and telephone mock interviews and feedback, our students are better prepared to successfully interview for the positions they desire and to land the job.  At any stage of your career, practicing your interview skills prior to a critical interview can significantly increase your likelihood of success.


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