Accepting a Job Offer

Finally, after all the interviews, thank you notes, reference checks and more, you received an offer.  Congratulations.  Now, convince the hiring manager that they made the best decision by how you accept the job.

Say Thank You

Thank them for the time they committed to the process and let them know how much you enjoyed learning more about the role and meeting the various team members.  They have committed significant time to identifying the best fit, let them know that their process helped you as well.

Demonstrate Enthusiasm

Be sure to clearly articulate your enthusiasm for the company and the role.  Tell them what excites you most about the company and this opportunity.  Share the key factors in your decision to accept the position.  While they were searching for the right fit, so were you so let them know you feel that you found that right next step as well.

Engage Early

Show them that you really are excited by asking what you can be reading or reviewing in advance of your start date to help prepare you to hit the ground running.  If they have something, it will only help you and if they don’t at least you offered.  This shows that you are truly interested and excited.

Demonstrate Professional Courtesy

Once you have finally made the decision, it is only natural that you are anxious to get started.  Resist the urge and give your current employer a professional notice and use your final days to document your work and train others to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible.  If you disrespect your current employer, that send a negative message to your new employer as well.

Be sure to update your Linked In profile with your new position so your contacts will know where to find you.  Remember to do a lot of listening as you start your new role to help ensure your success.


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