Update Your Job Search Language                                      

Your resume and cover letter are your personal sales tools in your job search so it is important that they are always putting your best foot forward to make a positive impression.  I see many candidates still using outdated advice that detracts from their job search collateral.

References Available Upon Request

Banish this phrase from your resume and cover letter.  Every employer assumes that references will be provided when requested.  It is part of the process.  Leaving this on your resume or cover letter makes your materials look outdated and unprofessional.

Resume Attached

Take this off the bottom of your cover letter.  Most resumes and cover letters are submitted electronically.  Be sure you have your name and contact information on both documents.

I Will Call You to Schedule an Interview

Don’t ever put that in your cover letter.  You are not in charge of the process.  The employer decides which candidate will be called for an interview and when.  Don’t give the impression that you think you control the process – you don’t.


Skip the objective on your resume.  First of all, hiring managers don’t care what your objective is and it makes your resume look dated.  It is much more important to provide a summary at the top of your resume highlighting your transferrable skills.  This creates the lens through which the hiring manager reads the rest of your resume.

Avoiding these common pitfalls will help you present yourself more professionally and will increase your likelihood of success.



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