Common Interview Questions- Why Change?  Why this Job?

Most interviewers want to know why you are seeking to make a job change and what about this particular company and opportunity appeals to you.  You must be prepared to address this in the course of your interview.

Why Change?

You applied for their position so obviously you are looking to make a change.  You need to be prepared to address why you are seeking to make a change.  It is important to present your reasons without bashing your manager or current company.  Maybe there really are some problems at the company, but don’t come across as a complainer.  No one wants to hire another company’s problems.  Talk about what you learned in that role and why you are seeking an opportunity to help you build additional or different skills and experience.  Maybe you are looking to focus on a different industry or different role.  Have a story of what you are seeking to gain and how you will leverage your transferrable skills.

If you have no answer for this question you are telling the interviewer you have no plan for your career and no awareness of the skills you need to develop and enhance for success.  Sharing a strong vision for your career and an awareness of your skills can be a strong differentiator in your interviews.

Why This Job?

This is your opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the company and this specific opportunity.  Show them you have done your homework by demonstrating insight into what the company does and how you contribute to that mission.  Focus on your transferrable skills and how you could add value in this specific role.  Being well prepared with knowledge of the company and the role demonstrates to the interviewer that you have taken the initiative to do your homework.  It shows interest and a strong work ethic.

Interviewers will expect you to be able to address these questions succinctly and in the process of answering these questions you can successfully differentiate yourself from the competition.


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