Volunteering Makes a Difference

Volunteers make a positive difference in our communities every day working with a variety of non-profit organizations.  Did you realize that volunteering can also positively impact your career?

Volunteering is an opportunity to use your skills and experience to impact positive change.  It can also provide an opportunity to gain new skills and experience to enhance your resume.  If you are unemployed or underemployed, volunteering is a great way to add value to your resume and to show your work ethic by keeping busy and adding value.  Volunteer experience can enhance your resume and make you are more attractive candidate for the job.

Non-Profit Boards

  • Many non-profits are looking for experienced business people to share their talents and expertise
  • Find a board that would benefit from your experience
  • Seek opportunities to gain experience and make connections that could be valuable in your job search
  • Board membership demonstrates leadership on your resume

Focus on Mission

  • If you are not able to identify a board position, volunteer with an organization whose mission is important to you
  • Try to find a relevant mission but avoid missions that would be considered highly controversial or politically charged, don’t give someone a reason not to review your resume further
  • Try to identify volunteer opportunities that utilize your marketable skills and help you develop or enhance critical skills for your desired career

Skills Development

  • If you are seeking to make a career change and are having trouble getting attention of hiring managers for the new field, consider building your skills by volunteering.
  • Seek opportunities that help you build experience in your new field, fundraising if you seek sales experience or maybe marketing or PR experience for example
  • Track your accomplishments and build references
  • Leverage the networking opportunities that arise in your volunteer experience

For all volunteer opportunities, you want to be sure to cultivate references for your future job search, and identify great networking contacts.  Giving back can help more your career forward.


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