Avoiding Job Search Burnout

Looking for a job can be hard work and it often takes longer that most job seekers expect.  To achieve success, you must be careful to avoid job search burnout which can quickly derail your process.

What are the consequences of job search burnout and how can you overcome them?

  • Failure to sell yourself – In the job search process, you are the product and you are the expert on that product. If you become discouraged and disheartened in your search, that shows to perspective employers as lack of confidence and enthusiasm.  The very people you are trying to impress are seeing less than the best you.  This causes lost opportunities which leads for further frustration and disappointment.  For every interaction with a potential employer, focus and block out everything else.   This is the best use of your time at the moment.  Focus on being the best you can be demonstrating how your skills transfer to the job, your knowledge of the company and your passion for the opportunity.
  • Careless Errors – You are growing weary of the process so you start taking short cuts to save time and aggravation. You start cutting and pasting from prior cover letters.  Stop!  If it isn’t worth the time to craft a targeted, customized cover letter, don’t bother to apply.  Seeing another company name in your cover letter is an immediate trip to the no pile.  Most employers will eliminate candidates due to errors in their cover letters and resumes.  Attention to detail matters.  Demonstrate your attention to detail, don’t just talk about it.  Proofread your cover letters and resume every time you use it.  Consider enlisting a job search buddy to keep each other’s spirits up and to proofread materials for each other for a fresh set of eyes.  You must put your best foot forward.
  • Defaulting to Technology – You are getting tired of the process so you decide to take a short cut.  You spend hours behind your computer applying to jobs you find in online job boards.  You significantly increase the number of applications you submit each week but no interview requests are forth coming.  Must be they aren’t real jobs.  Short cutting the process doesn’t work.  Hiring managers will receive hundreds of applications online and will likely never even look at many of them.  They will start with the short pile of resumes referred by trusted friends and colleagues.  Networking is the number one source of hires.  Eliminating the networking reduces your chances of landing the job you want to a needle in the haystack.  Keep networking, it will make a difference.  Track your activity.  Build you network in your target companies.  Reward yourself when you achieve your target for the week.  Enjoy the journey, you will meet interesting people and learn a lot in the process if you keep an open mind.

Finding a new job is hard work.  Stay focused on your goal and execute the process flawlessly to increase  your likelihood of success.


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