Introduction for Success

Does your resume position you for success?  This is the time of year we review many resumes with new students joining us on campus.  One trend I have observed is the tendency to leave off the summary to make room for more job-related bullets.  This could have serious consequences.

Most hiring managers or HR professionals make a decision on your resume within the first 30 – 60 seconds.  If you do not capture their attention in those initial seconds, you will lose the opportunity to be considered for that position.  Starting with the bullets of your current job is not a recipe for success particularly if you are hoping to change industries or fields.

Capture their attention immediately with a strong summary at the top of your resume.  This will entice them to take the time to read the rest of your resume and you have provided a lens through which they review the remainder of your resume.  Use your summary to define your personal brand and to highlight you key transferrable skills.

“Experienced finance professional with a successful track record of timely and accurate monthly, quarterly and year-end closings.  Leverages knowledge of the business and natural curiosity to identify, explore and resolve variances from plan.  Attention to detail supports comprehensive account reconciliations, process improvements and in-depth analysis.”

“Supply chain professional with experience in procurement, logistics and operations.  Implemented new software solution on scheduled and within budget.  Process improvements identified and executed  to save money and to improve supplier relationships.  Successfully implemented and monitored supplier scorecard.”

“Innovative marketing professional with experience in new product launch, marketing communications, definition and implementation of digital marketing strategy, and product life-style strategy.  Creative  problem solver with track record of successful product introductions to meet customer needs.”

Tell the reader who you and what skills you bring to the table as you explore opportunities with their company.  Capture their attention with your summary to encourage them to read your resume for more details.   To be successful in a competitive job market, you need to capture their attention quickly to stand out from the crowd.


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