Confidence – Key To Success

Confidence is key to career success at any level of the organization at any stage of your career.

When you are confident in your work, others feel comfortable delegating projects to you.  They know that you will deliver accurate work in a timely manner.  People are more willing to share information with you if you project confidence in what you are doing.  If your request is tentative, they may be reluctant to share.  Confidently performing your work and delivering results will bring you additional responsibilities and special assignments.  With confidence, you can become the “go to” person in your area of expertise.  Managers looking for project team members will seek out the confident people for their team.

Why does confidence matter?  It is difficult for others to believe you are capable and competent if they don’t think you believe it.  Your managers and colleagues want to work with people they can rely on and your confidence helps build their trust.  Confidence helps build your credibility in the workplace as you deliver timely and accurate work.

Confidence doesn’t mean you know all the answers.  If you are confident, you know when to ask questions and you have the resourcefulness to track down the answers to the questions.  Take notes and learn from each interaction with your colleagues.  Being confident is very different from being cocky or arrogant.  Don’t act as if you know it all because you don’t and people will be quick to point that out to you if you are cocky.

Confident people are more likely to be recognized in the workplace and often are the ones who received promotions and other opportunities.  Confidence helps you expand within your current role and helps position you for future career advancement.  Be confident enough to volunteer for special projects or to offer your unique skills to a critical team project.  Sometimes stretching beyond your comfort zone helps you enhance your skills and your confidence.

Approach your current job and your longer term with confidence to increase your likelihood of success.


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