Thank You in Electric World

In a world of instant communications through email, texts, tweets and more, are thank you notes still relevant and important in the job search?  I had a group of employers on campus last week and asked them this question and the answer was a resounding “yes”.  It is still an important way to differentiate yourself in the job search process.

If anything the ease and speed of electronic communication make the act of writing a note significantly more impactful.  Employers receive so many emails and other electronic messages that they pay little attention.  When a job seeker takes the time to prepare a handwritten note, employers remember it.  They do not receive a lot of “snail mail” so it stands out.

Be sure to use professional note cards.  Skip the cute animals – you can send those to Grandma.  Use your best handwriting and personal the note.  Refer to something specific you discussed.  If you are truly interested in the position, use the note to reinforce your interest and passion.  Demonstrate your professionalism and your follow-up skills by sending a note.

Yes, email is quick and easy but employers know that as well.  Stand out from the crowd by sending a handwritten thank you note within 24 hours of your interview or networking meeting.  This small step will truly differentiate you from the other candidates.


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