Enjoy the Job Search Journey

Job seekers often become so focused on their desired end result, they forget to enjoy the journey.  This may sound strange if you are desperately seeking a job but your search process is a valuable learning experience in and of itself.

Informational Interviews – These valuable conversations give you insights into the companies on your target list and the types of roles you are seeking.  You have a unique opportunity to learn things you’d never find on a company website such as the culture, the nature of the day to day work and the interaction between departments.  Explore the career paths of people in the positions you aspire to in the future.  Enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the companies and positions.  These insights will help you should an interview opportunity come your way.

Networking – If you are conducting a successful job search, you are investing significant time in networking.  Enjoy your interaction as you meet interesting people in the process.  Also consider how you can maintain these connections in the future to provide a valuable pool of resources as you progress in your career.

Managing the Process – Build a target list.  Identify contacts in each of your target companies.  Engage contacts in informational interviews.  Participate in networking events.  This is valuable project management experience as you define a goal and execute your plan.  Keep track of your progress and your contacts.  This provides documentation of your efforts and your progress.

Consider Alternatives – One of the benefits of networking and informational interviewing is to think about new and different opportunities to utilize the skills and experience you already possess.  The process also can help clarify what it is you do not want to do which is an important baseline for your search.  Cultivate self-awareness throughout the process.

While the end result is very important, the journey itself can add significant value if you pause to enjoy each stage.

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