Writing Accomplishment Statements

The most effective way to make your resume stand out is through the effective use of accomplishment statements.  These statements or “success stories” demonstrate successful results from your past work experience.  They can also be drawn from volunteer activities, community involvement, military experience and education.  They are critical in demonstrating what is unique about you and the value you can bring to a prospective employer.

To create effective accomplishment statements, identify the STAR for each experience:

  • ST – Situation or Task
  • A – Action
  • R – Result

Transform your accomplishments into STAR statements to include as a bullet on your resume. Quantifiable results are especially important but if it can’t be measured, describe it in qualitative terms.  Begin each statement with an action verb.

Think about how your efforts may have resulted in the following:

  • Made or saved money for the organization
  • Improved productivity or operations
  • Saved time for the organization
  • Increased sales
  • Increased the organization’s market share
  • Designed a new process, program or product
  • Developed and implemented a new procedure, program or product
  • Completed a project on time or before the deadline
  • Identified new markets for the organization
  • Demonstrated outstanding leadership skills

Employers do not want to read a list of your responsibilities on your resume. That reads more like a job description.  They want to see what you contributed to the organization by being there in that role.  Use your accomplishment statements to highlight your experiences.


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