Benefits of Mentors

Have you ever wondered if it would be beneficial to have a mentor?  The answer of often “yes”.  Mentoring typically pairs experienced professionals with those of less experience to help navigate the career journey.

How can a mentor help?  They provide advice, counsel, advocacy and networking assistance on a confidential basis.  They can encourage effective networking and help refine your career goals. 

How can a mentee help the mentor?  To be successful mentoring partnerships should be mutually beneficial.  The mentee can share their knowledge and experience as well and may have a different perspective to share.  The mentee can also help identify appropriate contacts for the mentor.

Should my mentor work at my company?  It can be very helpful to have a mentor at your company particularly if that person has been with the company for many years or has years of relevant experience.  The mentor can guide you in learning how to navigate the organization, to influence and persuade others, to avoid political pitfalls and to connect with valuable resources across the organization.  It is best if the mentor is not your manager.

Is there a benefit to having a mentor outside the organization I work for currently?  An external mentor can help you network across your industry, provide an objective perspective and focus on the business issues involved without any company politics.  An outside mentor can assist you as you move through your career since the relationship is not tied to a specific company.

What are some potential benefits of having a mentor?

  • Expanding your professional network
  • Clarifying your development goals and identifying a plan to address them
  • Refining and implementing your professional goals
  • Enhancing your interpersonal skills
  • Providing a trusted advisor
  • Understanding organizational politics and decision making
  • Providing feedback on your personal style, demeanor and behavior
  • Encouraging discussion on ideas, visions and creative concepts
  • Offering feedback throughout your career

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