How is Your Job Search Going?

There are many job seekers who have been in the market for quite awhile.  They can be caught off guard when an interviewer asks, “How is your job search going.”  Here are some key considerations.

Be Prepared – Anticipate the question and be prepared to answer it.  Thinking about it in advance gives you an edge in preparing your response.

Don’t Get Defensive – Yes, you are frustrated and discouraged.  Resist the urge to get defensive.  Some one is asking because they care or they think it is a logical question to ask. Don’t shoot the messenger.  Don’t give them reason to question whether you can control your temper.

Just Answer the Question – Most people asking don’t need to know all the details, frustrations and disappointments.  Give them an honest answer but don’t go into lots of detail. If they want more detail they will ask.  “Slower than anticipated”, “several irons in the fire”, “I’ve come close but nothing final yet” are all reasonable and honest responses.

Seize the Opportunity – Since they asked, use it as an opportunity.  Ask for networking contacts and referrals.  Do you know someone in your finance department I could talk to for an informational interview?  Do you know anyone at XYZ company?  Give them a specific way they can help you by identifying appropriate contacts.  Acknowledge that you know it is all about the networking and solicit their support.  If you are not already connected on Linked In ask if you can send an invitation.


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