Summer Networking

It’s Summertime – time for networking!

For many, summertime is a bit more casual and flexible at work and in their personal lives.  While the official hiring process tends to slow a bit to accommodate vacation schedules, summer time is the perfect time to step up your networking activities.  Ultimately networking is most likely going to lead you to your next job.

Burgers and More – next time you are invited to a cookout or other summer social activity, seek opportunities to build your network.  Ask people where they work and what they do.  Rather than dominate the cookout with work conversations, ask if it is ok to follow-up to schedule an informational interview.

Family Reunions – do you really know where aunts, uncles, cousins and more are working?  Use your family summer time events to reconnect.  Find out who is working at a company on your target list and make arrangements to follow-up for more in depth discussions.

Reach Out and Connect – this is a great time of year to reach out to former colleagues, alumni connections, etc. to build your connections at your target companies.  Reach out to schedule a meeting for coffee or lunch.

Professional Associations – Most professional associations continue to meet through the summer and many often have more social events in the summer.  Take the plunge and check out a group you have been considering.  Meet as many people as you can and identify people you want to follow up with for more conversation.

Be Prepared – Before your information interview sessions, do your research.  Learn about the company by reviewing their website and other business sites.  Have questions prepared.  Think about what you want to learn about the company and to gain perspective on what it is like to work there.

Say Thank You – Don’t take summer’s casual nature to the extreme.  It is still important to say thank you to those who share networking time with you.  A quick email is fine but it should always be followed with a handwritten thank you note.

Enjoy your summer of networking!


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