Managing Changes in Your Work Schedule

Adjusting to a new work schedule can be managed effectively with a bit of planning:

Moving from Part-time to Full-time

  • Adjust your sleep schedule at least a week in advance.  Maybe you have been burning the midnight oil and sleeping in every morning.  Maybe you have been working late hours.  To prepare for your new work hours, you should start at least a week in advance going to bed and waking up on your new schedule.  Yawning thought your day is not a positive first impression to give your new manager.
  • Make Decisions in Advance – Plan your wardrobe for the week in advance and make sure your clothing is clean, ironed and ready to go.  Avoid any last minute morning emergencies.  Plan your lunches in advance and prepare them the night before so you can grab them on your way out the door.  Plan your dinners in advance and maybe do some cooking in advance on the weekend.  A bit of advanced planning can minimize your stress during the week allowing you to focus on being successful in your new job.
  • Set yourself up for success – Being proactive and planning for possible disruptions can help you focus on the job and enable you to be more successful.  Don’t wait until there is a crisis.

Returning from Maternity Leave or Disability Leave

  • The three points above apply here as well.
  • Ease back in if possible – Explore the opportunity to work half days for the first couple weeks.  Ease yourself back into the work environment.  Trying to do too much too soon could cause set backs.
  • Get your sleep – Whether it is a new baby or pain keeping you up at night, recognize the fact that sleep deprivation significantly impacts your performance.  Do what you can to maximize your sleep.

General Points

  • Open and Honest Communication with your manager goes a long way.  If there is an issue, identify it and propose a solution.
  • Set clear and realistic expectations – if you have physical limitations after surgery, be very clear about any limitations or any accommodations required.  If doing a transitional re-entry be clear about what you will able to do in the reduced hours.



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