Job Search in an Online World

The job search process is changing rapidly as social media and other technologies become more widely used.  How can a job seeker stay current and maximize these tools?

Get more answers to these questions below on job searching in an online world!

  1. What’s the best way for job candidates to approach employers on social media?
  2. What is one tip you would provide to job seekers trying to determine when and how to start their job search?
  3. What career advice would you give to baby boomers who have been laid off and have significant gaps on their resume?
  4. What is one tip you would give to job candidates participating in a video interview?
  5. How can job seekers recognize a good job offer or job posting from a bad one?
  6. How cann candidates pump up their public online presence for the job search without giving up their privacy?
  7. What’s one tool every individual needs during their job search?
Image Courtesy of Glasbergen

Image Courtesy of Glasbergen


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