Leverage Emotional & Social Intelligence

I found several definitions of emotional intelligence but it is what allows you to influence the people around you.  It is the foundation of conflict management, adaptability and teamwork.  Clearly there is an expectation that an employee is aware of and in control of their emotions in the workplace but I think it goes much further as a success factor in the workplace.  Social intelligence implies an awareness of the social environment and the needs of others.

Teamwork – To succeed in business these days, most positions require an ability to work with a team –sometimes as a leader and sometimes as a contributor.  Knowing how to effectively work in team, manage the conflicts, meet deadlines, keep all members engaged, etc is critical to success In many organizations.  Teamwork also means working with others who are not like you – they may not have the same skills, the same strengths, the same backgrounds or even the same expectations of the group.  Building clarity around purpose and deliverables is critical.

Communication – To succeed one must be able to effectively communicate their ideas and proposed solutions to peers ,managers and senior staff.  Both written and verbal communication is critical.  It is not about writing thirty pages, it is more about pulling the critical information into a succinct and actionable summary.  It is really about telling them they really need to know.

Negotiation and Persuasion – These skills are critical in getting things done.  Often you have to persuade others to provide the information you need even when you have no authority over them.  Negotiations need to be win-win.

Relationships – Bottom line, business is done by people.  Building relationships across the organization can be critical to success.  Learning how to interact with individuals at different levels of the organization is critical to career success.    Helping other people look good can win you a long-term ally.  Empathy for others is also important in building and maintaining professional relationships.

Cultural Fit – It is important during the interviewing phase to ensure that your personal style fits with the organization’s culture.  A poor fit often manifests itself in poor social interactions and intelligence.  Without strong relationships within the organization it is difficult for the employee to success.


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