Dress for Success, Ladies!

For an interview it is important to put your best foot forward to make the best possible impression.  Employers form opinions about candidates in the first few seconds so appearance does matter.  Women need to pay particular attention to presenting their best professional image.

  • Suit – You need to look like the successful business person you aspire to be.  Always wear a suit, either skirt or pants are ok.  If it is a skirt, it should not be too short or too tight.  It should be clean, well pressed and should fit appropriately.  Suit should be black, navy or gray.
  • Blouse – Wear a well-pressed blouse or shell with your suit.  No low cut necklines or bulging buttons.  No tummy showing between the shirt and the waistband.
  • Hose – neutral hose is appropriate, no bare legs, no patterned hose
  • Shoes – Clean, polished shoes with low to medium heel, no high heels, no sandals or sneakers
  • Minimal Jewelry – small earnings, a ring and a watch should be it.  Avoid bracelets that clang.  Avoid anything that could be distracting.
  • Make-up – minimal and tasteful.  Avoid anything that appears more appropriate for evening or a cocktail lounge.
  • Get a manicure – clean, well-trimmed nails with neutral or subtle polish make a positive impression when shaking hands
  • Accessories – limit what you carry  so you don’t look like a bag lady.  Just a small handbag and a pad folio for notes would be most appropriate.
  • Go light on fragrance – don’t over power the interviewer with heavy fragrance.

You want everything about your appearance to support your professional qualifications for the job.  Do not wear anything that could distract from the image.

Image Courtesy of Cartoonstock.com

Image Courtesy of Cartoonstock.com


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