Do’s and Don’ts of Cubicle Etiquette

Image Courtesy of Squidoo

Image Courtesy of Squidoo

If you are working in a cubicle, a little bit of common courtesy mixed with common sense can go a long way to creating and maintaining a healthy work environment.  When you think of spending your work hours in a cube, remember you are similar to the animals at the zoo.  Anyone in the area can see, hear, and smell whatever you are doing.  Think about what you really want to share.

If you are on the phone,  assume that those around you can hear everything.  Keep your conversations professional.  Step outside or to a private area for personal conversations.   Your coworkers should not have to listen to a fight with your spouse, the medical symptoms you are sharing with the doctor, issues with your finances etc.  Keep private, private.

Assume they can also see everything you do.   Do not rearrange your underwear or pick your teeth.  Step into the restroom or a private space to do anything you would not want a group to see.  Also think about what they see in your space.  Family pictures and sports items are likely fine but be careful of photos showing unprofessional behavior or interests. Be careful not to have things that show you are not working such as that stack of catalogs.  Avoid clutter in your cube.  Also do not build a collection of dirty dishes.

Cubes also do not block smells.  Be careful not to have a heavy hand with cologne.  Fish from last night’s dinner may be an easy and healthy lunch but others may not appreciate the smell.  Be mindful of your colleagues.

If you live in a cube at work, everything you say and do is noticed by others. Be cautious about what you are showing them.  Pay attention so you can project the most positive, professional image possible.

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