My Boss & I Don’t Get Along

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The hiring manager wades through piles of resumes and conducts multiple interviews to find the best candidate for the job.  The candidate researches the company, asks insightful questions during the interviews, and even talks with networking contacts.  In spite of best efforts on both sides of the hiring equation, sometimes things don’t work out as planned.  What is the employee to do if he just doesn’t get along with the boss?


  • If you sense that things just don’t feel right, pay attention to your instincts
  • Pay attention to when things don’t feel right and start keeping a list, review and identify patterns and issues
  • Consider what you think the issue is and what you might do to remedy the situation
  • Honestly assess your fit for the position as well as your strengths and weaknesses
  • If you know you need to better understand how your role fits in the larger mission of the company, identify that and ask for what you need
  • The more specific you can be in what’s missing the better able you will be to address it

Meet With Your Manager

  • Request a meeting with your manager
  • Do not be confrontational but state that you are seeking feedback
  • You want to understand what you are doing well and what you could be doing better
  • Ask about your fit with the team
  • Ask for specific recommendations on how to make things better
  • If it is clear that there is just a personal issue seek further feedback, maybe you have very different work styles which are in conflict
  • If you are able to identify the problem and brainstorm ways to make things better, give it an  honest try and agree to debrief at a future date

Remain Professional

  • Do not bad mouth your boss to everyone else on the team and anyone who will listen
  • Do not let a bad attitude or frustration impact your work performance
  • Be sure to keep notes of discussion and observations


  • If you have tried talking to your manager and things are not getting any better, consider escalating the issue to HR
  • Meet with your HR contact, share your feedback and what you have done to address the issue, brainstorm next steps

Be Willing to Walk Away

  • If there is an irreconcilable difference between you and the boss, be prepared to look for another position, either within the company or outside
  • Even if the problem is the boss, it often takes time to address those issues through proper channels and it may not be worth it for your mental health to hang in there
  • Think about how to explain your change when looking for a new job without speaking ill of the company or the manager
  • Identify references at the company other than your direct manager before you leave so you are prepared in your job search

Manage  Your Stress

  • Dealing with a difficult boss can be extremely stressful
  • Exercise, get your sleep and do whatever you can to manage your stress level

Try to focus on what you are accomplishing or learning at work without  thinking about the negative impact of your manager, focus on the positive

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