Resumes – what’s hot, what’s not

Are you frustrated with your job search?  Concerned that you are submitting resumes and not getting responses?  While networking is an important part of the process, maybe your resume is looking tired and not making a positive impressive on employers.

What’s In:

  • Social media – if you have experience with a blog or other social media experience be sure to include it.  This is currently a hot skill in many organizations.
  • If you have relevant current technology skills be sure to highlight that
  • Linked In – if you have a strong profile set up, consider adding your Linked In link, some search firms have moved to eliminate resumes and rely solely on Linked In.  Make it easy for interested employers to find you.

What’s Out

  • Get rid of email addresses that look dated – for example.
  • Get rid of cute email address and have first name and last name as your email address
  • Long resumes are definitely not read by employers, try to keep it to one page, maximum two, let them ask for more information if they want it.  You need to get them interested first.
  • Eliminate long lists of job responsibilities – they don’t want to see everything on your job description but rather want to see what your key accomplishments were
  • Objective – employers don’t necessarily care what you want, use a summary instead to focus on what you can do for them

Learn more about current resume trends!

Image Courtesy of Cartoon Bank


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