How to stand out in an interview

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In the hiring process, managers see a number of qualified candidates. It is the candidate who stands out and makes a lasting, positive impression.

Hiring managers expect candidates to put their best foot forward. You should have researched the company and checked out their website. You should have questions prepared in advance. Try researching the individuals you will be meeting. Ideally you have already networked with contacts within our organization. Demonstrate your interest and your work ethic by doing your homework in advance.

Focus on Meeting my Needs
When you are talking about your experience, be sure to focus on the transferable skills. Demonstrate to the hiring manager that you can meet their needs. Show them that you have the skills necessary to success and that you will be able to quickly add value.

Be Someone They Want to Work With
A smile and a sincere handshake start the process off well. Be engaged and focused throughout the interview. Show them your interest in the company and the position through thoughtful questions. Be sure to let them know how interested you are in the opportunity. Don’t assume they already know. Demonstrate your professionalism in your attire, your personal hygiene and your promptness.

Say Thank You
Thank the interviewer for their time at the end of the session and then send a hand-written thank you note. Refer to something you discussed during the interview. Reiterate your strong interest in the opportunity.


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