Confidence: The Key to Success

Confidence is the key to career success at any level.  Think about how you can use confidence to you advantage to advance your career goals.

When you are confident in your work:

  • Others feel comfortable delegating projects to you,  knowing that you will do them well and on time
  • Others will turn to you for information
  • You will earn special assignments and additional responsibilities
  • You become the “go to” person for things that need to be done
  • People enjoy working with confident people on their team

Why does confidence matter?

  • It is hard for others to believe you are capable and competent if they don’t think you believe it
  • People want to work with people they can rely on
  • Managers want to work with colleagues  they trust
  • Confidence helps build your credibility in the workplace

Confidence doesn’t mean you know all the answers.  It means you have the confidence in your own skills and resourcefulness to track down the answers to the questions.

Confidence as a Career Builder

  • Confident people are more likely to be recognized in the workplace and often are the ones who receive promotions and other opportunities
  • Confidence can certainly enhance your career as people perceive your success in your current role
  • Being the “can do” person can help expand your responsibilities
  • Confidence enables you to volunteer for the special projects
  • Confidence enables you to step in during a crunch time to offer your assistance.

How do you develop confidence?

  • While some degree of confidence seems to be innate, it can definitely be developed
  • Work with your mentor to help increase your confidence
  • Self-talk can help as you remind yourself of your capabilities
  • Stretching outside your comfort zone can help enhance your confidence
  • Furthering your education can help to increase your confidence, whether it is a degree or specific courses to increase your skills in a particular aspect of your job

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