Job Searching at Year End

At this point it is very tight to find a new job by the end of the year but it is the perfect time of year to make significant progress.

Timing is Everything – This could be the best time of year to be looking.  Many companies have new budget years starting January 1 and those often include budget approval for new positions.  Hiring freezes often expire at the end of the year as well.  It is not unusual to see a flurry of hiring early in the new year for new positions and replacement hires.  More than other times of the year, there are often multiple positions open in the same timeframe.

Make Time for Planning – There are a number of things you can do in the next month to be well-positioned to take advantage of those openings the first of the year.  Define your plan – Identify target companies and research them.  Use your alumni networks, Linked In and other tools to identify contacts at your target companies.  Research the roles you are interested in and the qualifications for those positions.

Image Courtesy of GoogleNetwork, Network, Network – For many professionals, there is some quieter time at work around the holidays.  Unless they are closing the books for the year or involved in a significant time constrained project, this is an easier time of year to get on someone’s calendar for an informational interview.  Take advantage of this to network like crazy.  Talk to as many people as you can in your target companies to learn more about the companies, their hiring practices and the skills sets they seek.  Talk to people in the roles that interest you.

Leverage your personal networks – This is the season of many holiday get-togethers with family and friends.  Be sure people know you are looking and what you are looking for.  They may have contacts you can utilize.

A productive December of research, planning and networking could position you for great success in January when positions open up.

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