Handling ‘Gross’ Things Tricky For HR Pros

Photo Via Randy Glasbergen

Do you find your blood pressure rising the second you arrive at your desk because of an annoying co-worker? Read “Handling ‘Gross’ Things Tricky for HR Pros” by Pamela Babcock on different tips to reduce your blood pressure and get back to work. See additional thoughts below:

What gross or annoying things do people have to deal with in the workplace?

  • Body odor
  • Bad breath
  • Swearing
  • Excessively loud voice in the next cubicle
  • Singing at their desk
  • Whistling at their desk
  • Cleaning their fingernails in the office with a pocket knife
  • Clipping their nails in public
  • Telling inappropriate or risqué jokes or stories in mixed company
  • Snorting, burping loudly or other inappropriate bodily noises

What is the annoyed or grossed out employee to do?

  • Best not to have a confrontation with a co-worker
  • First step is to talk to your manager.
  • If possible focus on how the problem is negatively impacting your work productivity instead of just complaining
  • Ask your manager to talk to HR

HR can provide guidance to the manager in dealing with the situation or can be part of the discussion as well.

  • They need to be sensitive to possible medical causes or body odor or bad breath

They need to be very cautious with behaviors that could be considered threatening or harassment


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