The most important thing a job seeker can do is…

Network! Here are some thoughts in general:

  • Networking isn’t just for job search – Networking should be a lifelong activity.  You should get in the habit of setting regular networking goals for yourself and build a plan to keep your network up to date.
  • Networking is a two way relationship – Networking isn’t simply about what people can do for you.  It is a reciprocal relationship.  You should always be looking for opportunities to help your contact.  Can you make an introduction for them?  Share an interesting article?  Suggest a great professional meeting?
  • Networking is NOT asking for a job – You should never be asking your networking contacts for a job.  You should be leveraging contacts to learn about the companies they work for, to understand their specific role and the qualifications for that role, to explore the culture of the organization, to gain insights into career paths, etc.

For more tips, click here!


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